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Private Parties



Rustic Table Setting

The Love Package

Do you know your partners love language? The key to a successful and healthy relationship is knowing what makes the other person happy. If you put in  the extra effort for your partner, love can be the most incredible feeling one can ever feel. Love is the most secure feeling. We want to bring undeniable love into your relationship.

Private Party

The Insiders Package 

Hosting an event is a big deal! And when it comes to hosting for a group of your "insiders", it's an even bigger deal. Your insiders enrich your life and improve your mental health. They can boost your self-confidence, improve your self-worth, help you cope with everyday happenings, and encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let's not take them for granted; let's celebrate your insiders and show them how much they mean to you.


Luxury Picnics



Romantic Picnic Package

Is there anything more romantic than a picnic? If you like the idea of pampering your partner, you're going to love this package.  Enjoy the day out at your preferred picnic location, or turn your backyard into a romantic space for two; take the time out to take care of your number one; you will not regret it!


Social Circle Package

A social circle may be viewed from the perspective of an individual who is at the center of a particular group of socially balanced and undivided people and from the perspective of the group as an integrated unit.  Nowadays, it might take a little more effort to get together with your circle, but it's worth it to keep your tribe connected. Our social circle package provides a worry-free gathering, for you and your most treasured friends.

Seasonal Glam
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